Cattos Applying Tyranny

C.A.T. - Cattos applying tyranny
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Who are we?

We are C.A.T. and we have been here since the beginning of ages. Since humans started to rule the planet, we have been planning to take over. We have been lurking in the shadows, working on our own secret agenda that we will soon reveal to you. The time has come to show you what Cattos are really made of. Some of your leaders have decided to join our cause and are collaborating already. When will you?

C.A.T. is going to be a play-and-earn strategy game that will allow players to earn our token - $SINDRI. We're planning a load of utility for the token and our main priority is a robust economy that is sustainable both during the bull, and the bear market. For details about the game, check out our Discord and don't forget to give us a follow on Twitter!


Let's get minty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

C.A.T. is the first project by SINDRI Labs. It has two parts: a play-and-earn strategy game and the NFTs that you need to play the game. All your game assets are stored on the blockchain, so you truly OWN them.

Only on our official website (If you're reading this, congrats, you made it!) through Starter packs. Secondary sales will be possible on OpenSea. Be careful about scams! Members of the team will never contact you with any stealth mints or similar offers.

You will get THREE Catto NFTs that you can use to play our game with. Holders will be eligible for exclusive giveaways, competitions and tournaments.

C.A.T. is not just a common p2e game that works only during the bull market until its tokenomics implode, it's the first part of our complex ecosystem that will include DeFi and SaaS products, all centered around our token, $SINDRI. By becoming involved in early stages of what we're building out, you're setting yourself up for even more gains in the future.

Due to very unstable market conditions, mint date has been delayed. It will first be announced on our Discord so make sure you're there!

The Team

Our fully doxed team is devoted to building during both the bull market, and the bear:

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